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Sound Off for Feb. 9: We need bigger recycling bins to fit the new pickup schedule

A Gulfport resident says with the every other week recycling pickup, a bigger, closed receptacle is needed.
A Gulfport resident says with the every other week recycling pickup, a bigger, closed receptacle is needed. Sun Herald File

Not easy to do

Good luck, Moss Point! To clean things up you’re going to have to start by getting rid of a piece of your community that causes these problems. And that is not going to be an easy task.

We have moved on, also

If the so-called comedians on late night TV shows and “SNL” can’t support our president, we won’t support them. I like Jay Leno’s comment about Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, last month. He said that these shows need to stop bashing the president.

A little help here

OK, city of Gulfport, I’ve given this a shot and it is not working. Every other even, no, odd, no even Monday? My recycle bins are so full, it looks like a dump. I am just waiting for old tires to start collecting around them. I, like many other households want to do the right thing for our planet’s future but cannot do it alone. Solution? Let’s start with large, closeable recycling cans that will accommodate the large amounts of recycled material disposed of in most households. Then we can work on getting a recycling facility that accepts glass once more. Steps forward, not backward.

Not so fast

If you are a law-abiding citizen, please raise your hand. If you knowingly drive over the speed limit, please put your hand down.

Slow it down

Red Creek Road is not a racetrack. Do you really have to take off from the stop sign on Red Creek/Bells Ferry/28th Street like you are in a race? People do live on that street with kids and animals.

Let him be king

Couldn’t we just let Trump be king of the Bacchus parade instead of having a military parade? It would save money.

Family time

President Trump has mentioned that he is thinking about having a military parade honoring our troops. I suggest that most of them would rather spend the day with their families, rather than marching in a parade to please the president.

Trashy, trashy, trashy

I-10 is disgusting and a disgrace. Those in charge of keeping the Mississippi portion of this interstate highway clean should be fired! When crossing into Mississippi from Louisiana it’s trashy, trashy, trashy! And has been for weeks. The new tourist advertisements should be, “Welcome to the Trashy State.” The tourism commission should take action because who wants to vacation in a garbage dump.

This just in

In response to major news in the Business section today, as a woman, let me add that Cheetos cause more orange finger dust than Doritos. But I love them both.

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