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Sound Off for Feb. 8: You can learn outside class, too

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Not on my watch

Nope, I have not watched an NFL game all season, including the Super Bowl. But thanks for asking! Looks like many Americans felt the same, as viewership was down. And just for the record, this has nothing to do with Trump. Paying respect for our country, flag and national anthem is just the right thing to do. May God Bless America and all those who serve her — especially in harm’s way!

Open up

We should not limit our learning environment to the classroom.

Take stock

Ever notice how Trump takes credit when the Dow Jones is soaring through the roof even though it’s been climbing at a steady pace for many years? When the Dow Jones takes a nosedive, you hear crickets from him. I am sure we will hear from him soon when he blames someone else.


Did not watch the NFL Super Bowl. I heard that all players stood up this time for the American national anthem! If so, I will get back to football.

Foolproof steps

Three simple steps would keep uninsured and unregistered vehicles off the roads. 1) Have police, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers stop vehicles without tags or with expired tags and impound them until the owners register them and have the required insurance. 2) Require proof of insurance each time a vehicle is registered or registration is renewed. 3) Require insurance companies to inform the state if a car owner cancels the insurance. Those who do not send proof of new insurance to the state, have local authorities impound the vehicle until proof of insurance is produced.

Impound ’em!

While it may seem expensive to send police out to impound vehicles, it is cheaper than having these irresponsible vehicle owners on the road; and the owners of any vehicles impounded could be charged an appropriate fee to cover the costs. If the impounded vehicles are not claimed within a certain period of time, they could be sold to recover the cost of impounding them.


So now that our state Legislature failed to pass a lottery — something the people want — they have now decided to pass anti-abortion legislation. This will surely cost the taxpayers money trying to litigate, being that it has already been decided by the Supreme Court. Please do your job, legislators, and quit trying to legislate morality.

Call City Hall

I doubt the city of Gulfport is monitoring Sound Off to plan its road maintenance schedule. However, you may call 868-5848 to report the pothole on 15th Street.

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