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Sound Off for February 7: Please fix the pothole near Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport
Memorial Hospital at Gulfport Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

Go, gators!

The groundhog in Pennsylvania said six more weeks of winter. The alligator in Mississippi said winter is over and spring is here.

Being candid

Why would video cameras all over the place detract from the “allure” of New Orleans? No one pays any attention to cameras. If they did, they would behave and we know how well that is working.

Fix the pothole

My husband and I go to Memorial Hospital for doctor appointments all the time. When traveling on 15th Street there has been a pothole in the street for over a year. The city finally put a construction barrel over the hole. The hole has gotten bigger through the year. Now they have put two construction barrels over the hole plus a cone. Gravel is everywhere. That is the way most people travel to get to the hospital. I am sure most ambulances have to travel that street to get to the hospital. I am wondering why it is taking so long to repair this pothole. It’s dangerous.

Free to move on

I am no longer watching pro football or award shows (including CMA) which was my favorite until they went political. As far as Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts — no more. If these people cannot accept what the USA stands for and for what our president is trying to do, they all have the money to move on. I read a lot more books now, subject matter of which I still have the freedom to chose.

No way to celebrate

I cannot understand the mentality of people who set fires and turn over cars as a way of celebrating. I’m surprised any city wants their team to win the Super Bowl, knowing this may happen. Guess the millions of dollars earned is greater than the cost of repairing damage.

Not good at math

Paul Ryan probably doesn’t understand decimals and thought $1.50 was $150. He’s never been very good at math anyway.

Watch out

I’m suspicious of people riding bikes willy-nilly in Walmart parking lots.

Credit and blame

If President Trump can take all the credit for a booming stock market then he should also be taking all the blame for the recent plunge.

The real detraction

Mitch Landrieu is the biggest detracting allure of New Orleans.

Correct phrase

There is “off base” but not “based off.” Please don’t try to combine them. The correct phrase is “based on” or “based upon.”

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