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Sound Off for Feb. 3, 2018: Let Trump do his job

Dinosaurs not new

I have to laugh! Archeologists have really gotten excited, because they’ve found dinosaurs in Washington, D.C. We’ve known that they have been there for years. We call them senators and congressmen.

Let Trump do his job

I think Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller should go find a real job and let the president get on with running the country. So far, the president is doing a good job!

Early gang signs

A tip from a retired Chicago police officer to Biloxi police. Early gang signs of tying shoes together and flinging them over powerlines on Fernwood and DeBuys roads to stake gang territory are present. Gang graffiti is next.

Shop local

After reading an article in Thursday’s paper that Target and Walmart spent billions to catch up with Amazon, what are small local businesses supposed to do to compete with larger companies that sell similar items? Support your local businesses, start shopping local.

A Day’s work

I am an Aussie and I take offense at your calling Jason Day a foreigner. He is my favorite golfer from Down Under along with Leishman and Smith. Also he now lives in Columbus, Ohio. Good on ya, Mate Jason.

Done that

People with a permit to carry a gun usually have them on their person. I’m speaking from experience. Sadly with our world conditions we aren’t safe anyplace. I also know from experience that at my age I have forgotten and carried mine into a place they were not allowed. I’m the same age as Haley Barbour.

Riding dangerously

Really care, love your family, friends, animals? Never let them ride in back of a pickup truck. Not safe! You have no idea when the driver will have to stop suddenly, change lanes quickly. That’s a most dangerous place you could put lives in.

Way to go, Mississippi

We can’t get radar for the sheriff’s department or a lottery to keep our money in Mississippi, but I can safely carry liquor through a dry county in July! You know, it’s the important things in life that must be voted on first. What a great state!

Guidelines needed

The article about the development in Jackson County to capitalize on the success of the Sangani Boulevard area was interesting. I hope the county sets guidelines for the look of the development, because there were obviously no guidelines for Washington Avenue north of the Ocean Springs city limits.

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