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Sound Off for January 30: The ‘good ol’ boy system’ on the Coast needs to end

Harrison County Board of Supervisors
Harrison County Board of Supervisors Sun Herald

Gobble gobble

Is there a turkey farm nearby? I’m hearing a lot of gobbling.

Criminal element

It sure seems like Jackson County has way more than their fair share of criminals.


The striping for bicycle lanes was an absolute waste of money.

Stop it

I agree with you completely. I also served in the military. The freedom of speech and protest is fine but let’s put all of it to rest and just enjoy the game.

Make it real

I’m sorry, but I always find all these Mardi Gras parades a total disappointment and annoying. Why not try and make them a real tourism and community event? Make some requirements that floats are really well thought out and beautiful floats? How about a few marching bands and entertainment tossed in? Maybe a real celebrity could visit? Who knows? With a little effort the Gulf Coast could rival a Rose Bowl parade.

Keep on point

Just don’t understand why there is more publicity on the Trump bashings at award shows than on whomever they are awarding. This diminishes the importance of why they are all gathered and celebrating in the first place. I did not tune in to watch ill-informed people touting their ill-informed political views. They are suppose to be an awards show.

Two sets

Right, you are never bored watching the Patriots. Most people are enraged. As with the Jacksonville game, as soon as New England starts getting their helmets handed to them the officials come riding in on their black and white horses to get them back in the game. There should be two sets of odds for the game, one — Patriots vs. Eagles and another — Patriots/officials vs. Eagles.

Way to go

Hooray to those Harrison County supervisors demanding that we have qualified appointments to government positions. It is time we quit playing favorites with important positions of power. The only way our area will move forward is to end the “good ol’ boy” favoritism system. Way to go, Supervisors Martin, Rockco, Kibler-Middleton and others. Continue to represent your constituents and not “play politics” — we will support you!

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