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Sound Off for January 29: Mississippi could benefit from wine deliveries

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Incomplete piers

I see Gulfport has put up new light poles and new lighting on the jetty part of Moses Pier, yet the pier itself has yet to be repaired from Hurricane Nate damage. Also,no lighting on Urie Pier and no piers repaired there either.

Your way, my way

Just because you did it a certain way doesn't mean that I should have to do it the same way.

Missed profit

The Mississippi law about not being able to order wine and liquor is ridiculous. When I wanted to order a special scotch for a gift I had to contact a Louisiana friend to order it for me and I had to go and pick it up. A Mississippian could have made that profit and the State of Mississippi could have received the sales tax. The state is so strapped they ought to be doing all that can for money for the budget.

Just enjoy the game

I thought we were past the up-or-down anthem nonsense. As a veteran, I hope I served so people could be free to do as they please as long as they aren’t breaking laws or harming others. Maybe other veterans have a different opinion, and that’s OK with me, too. Does it bother me ? Sure. A little respect for things makes me happy, personally. Am I gonna waste time slugging it out over the issue? Nope. I just want to enjoy a three-hour game. So what does bother me? Interruption of my enjoyment of an entertainment event. An NFL that didn’t simply come out in the beginning and say “Protest on your own time; no protesting at work.” Also, million-dollar sports announcers who want to go rogue political and waste the game talking about a political issue rather than the game. And then people all over who want to keep dredging up the topic and making trouble out of the blue. Just enjoy the game and don’t worry about things that have nothing to do with the game. Thank you.

Consider bicyclists

Mississippi needs sidewalks throughout our state to get from one point to another safely. I see bicyclists on the road, then having to get off the road due to a speeding car. And please, give them more protection than a painted white line, like on Cowan-Lorraine Road. That painted line will not keep a car from hitting a bicyclist.

Wait for these plates

To answer 'Curious Fact's' curiosity, if you register a new car or used car and get the standard plate, you can walk out the door with the plate and registration. Those who opt for specialty plates that support various causes for an extra fee, such as wildlife or wetlands conservation, or vanity plates can get their car registration right away but now they have to wait anywhere from two to 10 weeks for such plates to arrive. They don't keep those plates on hand anymore.

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