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Sound Off for January 26: The BP oil spill should be a lesson

Cleanup crews work to remove tar balls and patties from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that washed ashore in Long Beach in 2010.
Cleanup crews work to remove tar balls and patties from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that washed ashore in Long Beach in 2010. File

Free for all

The first two years of college should be free.

Brilliant marketing

The drama over the signing of Drew Brees is a press agent’s dream. It will keep the name of the Saints in the press during the off-season.

Go Pels!

Yea! The Pelicans beat the Hornets. This makes five wins in a row. On a streak! Go Pels!

On the books

If you think any legislation will stop school shootings, you are dreaming. There is already a law against murder.

Curious fact

It’s interesting how a person can buy a car at a local dealership and four or five weeks later, still have no tag on that vehicle.


Offshore drilling? We’ve had that: it was called the BP oil spill. It killed 11 people, ruined our beaches and tourist industry, had the casinos gasping for air and put our seafood industry on hold. Who would want to do this again?

Please explain

Our Coast has the top four affordable beach towns and The Kiplinger Letter listed Mississippi in the top five states for favorable taxes for retirees. So why is our Coast not a retirement destination?

Rough cut

So the retirement program is described as generous? It barely pays my bills now. The 13th check pays my taxes. I’d like to see the people who created this mess have to live on what I get, and I’m one of the lucky ones. Cut my check by 59 percent, and I’ll be making that old decision: food, medicine or utilities?

Dress for success

For goodness sakes, young people. If you really want a job, please come “dressed for success.” Unshaven, unclean, dressed in pajamas and speaking in gibberish does not give your possible future employer a very good first impression. And it will most likely will keep you unemployed.

Never bored

To the person who commented about a boring Super Bowl, maybe you’re just not used to watching a team who uses their brain power, as opposed to violent hits to the opponent that causes concussions, to win a game. I have been a fan of the Patriots for 20-plus years and have never been bored.

Burn please

The conditions of the forests in north central Harrison County are deplorable. North of Diamond Road and East of McHenry Road all the way to Old Highway 49. If this area has a wildfire everybody’s home will go up in flames. This is government land that should be maintained by the U.S. Forestry Service. Please control burn this land so we all don’t lose everything we own.

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