Sound Off

Sound Off for January 25: Improving education is everyone’s job

Business model

Businesses should put free training videos on YouTube.


It’s interesting how a smartphone can be turned into a spy tool.

News alert!

My old mom who just got a new iPhone called me in a panic tonight, “Did Drew Brees die? Is he sick?” “Maybe a little inside after that last play, but I’m sure he’s a pretty healthy guy. Why?” “Well, there must be something wrong. A news alert just popped up on my phone that said ‘New Orleans searching for Drew Brees heir.’”


Please provide information on where I can purchase a Stennis flag. We have had our flag pole and U.S. flag flying for a couple of years. We are ashamed and refuse to fly the state flag. We’ve been waiting for the so-called “leaders” to give us a flag we can be proud to fly. Until that happens we will adopt the Stennis flag as our state flag.

Cost of air

I have a running joke about how the powers that be will someday figure out how to charge for air. While I meant to breathe, some have found a way to charge for air in things like butter, cream cheese and cake frostings (they call it whipped), and it usually costs more than the regular products, which makes the air in it more expensive than the product itself.

Get involved

In reference to school vouchers, we have too many schools that are in dire need for proper funding to bring them up. If you aren’t satisfied with your child’s assigned district, vouchers are not the answer. Get involved to help make that school better. Lobby for funding that school needs. Otherwise, if you still want your child to attend a school outside of your district, you already have the option to pay tuition to another district or pay for private schooling. Mississippi simply cannot afford to take what little funding we have to foot the bill for those who prefer an out of district or private school.

Do something

I can almost hear the “Ho hum” sigh as it floats across the country when the citizenry hears of another shooting in a school. This time a teen shooter murdered only two of his fellow students. That is the first school slaughter of this year . . . so far. Hardly as news worthy as the Sandy Hook Massacre, right? Did you know that there is an actual compilation of mass murders in schools in the United States that can be found online? Metal detectors in schools and armed teachers are simply not enough. I’m terrified for our children. When will someone with some sanity legislate some viable gun laws?

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