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Sound Off for January 21: 50th in the nation ‘wasn’t low enough’

Angela Ryland shows support for education funding during a rally in Gulfport in 2010.
Angela Ryland shows support for education funding during a rally in Gulfport in 2010. Sun Herald File

It’s Coast’s money

Why is it even a consideration to award BP funds to the northern parts of Mississippi? Let’s stop the delays and give the Gulf Coast and close neighboring communities what they are due.

Trumped it!

In his first year in office, Trump has "exceeded" expectations! Look at our personal company pension plans, 401K savings, retirement savings and significant boost in all over economy. I, for one love my increase in financial gains in my portfolio. ... Those of you who don't want increased wages, better benefits, with low unemployment, billions of dollars and new corporate and military businesses bringing America back again, move to another country.

Cheaper, more efficient is bad?

A Jan 19 Sun Herald article explains why I am a conservative: The chief of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau stated that his agency “has enough money and is not requesting more.” He also stated that he will “strive to be efficient, effective and accountable.” Consumer advocates criticized that move.

End it now

It’s time to put an end to toxic and demeaning work environments and send the bullies to the unemployment line.

Go ahead

I hope the government shuts down and they all go home and they stay home. Then we can start to rebuild with a better government and no need to drain the swamp.

How low can we go?

Mississippi schools are ranked 50th in the nation. I am appalled that our legislators decided that 50 wasn't low enough. Not funding schools properly makes for an ignorant populace. I hope Mississippians remember the names of the legislators who voted for this bill.

Time to wander

Instead of asking world vacationers who never wandered off the tourist paths, or self-serving politicians, or some wealthy study abroad kid to tell you how great the world is compared to the United States, ask a few veterans or missionaries what’s really out there. Or go yourself and wander off.

You’re kidding

I just read a piece in Saturday's Sun Herald from a New York Times writer who wrote used the words “HBO” and “culture” in the same sentence.

Let’s be rational

A rationality test? What is that? Oh, you mean a test that determines if Trump behaves the way you want him to behave? I get it. You’re one of those irrational people who expect everyone to be just like you or else. Nice.

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