Sound Off

Sound Off for January 20: Could Trump pass a rationality test?


I had great hopes that we had finally moved forward and that the members of Congress had grown up and would act in the best interest of this great country. They are still more interested in the politics of their individual parties than in what is best for the United States and the citizens they represent. The very idea that any of them would let our government close down again is unbelievable. Our military will suffer the most. I certainly hope there is an adult in the room to take the leadership.

We’re No. 1!

I want to know when the United States wasn’t great? I’ve lived here all my life and never once did I ever think we weren’t great. We are indeed the greatest nation on Earth. We are prominent, eminent, important, distinguished, illustrious, celebrated, honored, acclaimed, admired, renowned, notable, well-known, leading, top, major and the list goes on and on.

The other test

I see Trump passed a cognitive test. That would simply tell you if he’s aware of what goes on around him. Now he needs to take a rationality test. That would indicate how he responds to his environment. Bet he’d fail that one.

Here’s hoping

I hope that $38 billion check Apple is writing for taxes goes straight to our Medicare account. Since the government has nickel and dimed that account to death borrowing from it.

Great letters!

Hats off to Colin Landis and Bruce Emerick for excellent letters to the editor.


Why is it the vice president seems to always be traveling with the president and walking behind him at the right side? I have watched presidents since 1958 and never saw a vice president with the president as much as our current vice president. Strange!


Oh? Now we should revamp the entire municipality, just to accommodate golf carts?

Excellent economy

In the past few years, every time a government shutdown was threatened, the stock market took a big hit. We are now threatened with a government shutdown in the next few days yet the stock market is holding above its historic 28,000 level. In the past, economic health was very uncertain. Economic health under Trump is now excellent.

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