Sound Off

Sound Off for January 17: He stopped in traffic to help a man in need in Gulfport

Change, please

I’m burning some coal, tossing a log in the fire, and leaving my car running. Hoping to help create a little climate change.

No snitches

Nobody likes a tattletale, so all Congress people should quit repeating everything the president says. And if they are really appalled by the language then they are in the wrong profession.


The multiple sclerosis patients and attorney who filed a lawsuit against SRHS should be ashamed. If they did not have a serious disease like M.S., they should be thanking God.

Losing is losing

If the Viking receiver had been tackled, there would have been several seconds remaining and the Vikings would have been in easy field-goal range. Saints would have lost by only 2 points, but a loss is a loss.

Veterans’ seats

Maybe the president should consider giving the seats being left vacant by the Democrats during his State of the Union Address to veterans.

A real man

I just wanted to thank the man I saw get out of his truck at the U.S. 49 and Landon Road red light on Monday, and push the man in the wheelchair to the other side of the highway. You, sir, are a real man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Funny stuff

I’m actually beginning to enjoy catching a couple hours of CNN and MSNBC in the evening. Never been a Fox person, a little too stuffy for me, but this CNN and MSNBC I’m finding are about the funniest comedy television out there. I swear if space aliens swooped down to Earth and started turning humans into pet food, the CNN story would be all about the end of the world coming because Trump ate a piece of fried chicken or his press secretary’s kid mistakenly ordered a toy online. Just good comedy viewing.

Honor or else!

Karma. The Steelers’ disrespectful and cowardly behavior back in September when they hid in the tunnel at Soldier Field during our national anthem and the Saints’ similar disrespect could be seen by many as having been justly rewarded. I remain sad and mad at the players, coaches, owners and useless NFL commissioner who have all tainted a once beloved sports institution. It is no longer “America’s pass time” and if something is not done this off season the league will continue a downward spiral. Honor our country and play ball. Period.

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