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Sound Off for January 16: How many times do we need to vote on the flag?

A Sound Off reader wants to know just how many times must we vote on the state flag issue?
A Sound Off reader wants to know just how many times must we vote on the state flag issue? Sun Herald File

Have we learned?

The lieutenant governor and speaker of the House will determine where BP money eventually ends up, make no mistake about that. This is evidenced by their past actions and influence with budget decisions and legislation in the Senate and House. Mississippi is climbing the rankings of business-friendly states, but we continue to lag in economic recovery and remain near the bottom (if not the bottom) by almost all health and education indicators. The classic definition of learning is "a change in behavior.” What have we learned?

Makes no difference

An article on the front page of Saturday's Sun Herald was titled “Biloxi readies for record Spring Break crowd.” So, more visitors are expected this April than the 60,000 that came in 2017, and the 30,000 in 2016. If this is not enough information to prove that our present state flag is not keeping visitors away, what is it going to take to prove it?

Vote and re-vote

To “Time To Vote Again,” which appeared in the Jan. 7 Sound Off: He or she complained that they had been too young to vote for the state flag. So if we vote again, no matter which flag is chosen, will we have to keep voting every year to satisfy the people who turn voting age, or new residents of our state? I did not live in Mississippi then, so I did not get to vote on the flag. Just imagine all of the things people would want a re-vote on.

Need a law

We need a law that punishes the owner of a vehicle being driven without insurance. My home was hit by a vehicle that sped away. I had a video, but you couldn’t see the driver. The vehicle was found within 15 minutes, but the owner claimed he was not driving, so he didn’t get a ticket. He also offered no information about who was driving. I believe there should have been a law that the owner could have been charged for allowing his vehicle to be on the road without insurance.

Follow through

A “Sound Off” recently complained that people should be told why they didn’t get the job they applied for. If five (or 55) people apply for a single job the company has to choose one. There my be no particular reason any of the other four (or 54) were not chosen. I believe they certainly deserve to be told that the company has selected another applicant rather than be left hanging, but to give them a particular reason they were not chosen opens up a whole new legal bucket of worms. Of course there is (or should be) no reason the non-selected applicant cannot go back to the company or person that interviewed him/her and ask what he/she may do to improve his/her chances next time.

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