Sound Off

Sound Off for January 13: Do we need more offshore drilling?

Get us off list, too

Why aren’t Mississippi politicians pushing back on expansion of offshore drilling? Florida is removed from the list. Haven’t we had enough of these environmental disasters?

I’m good, Rachel

Quit calling, Rachel. I have insurance.

Over the barrels

When are the barrels that line the new lanes on east and west I-10 in Jackson County going to be removed?

Free health care

The six best doctors anywhere — and no one can deny it — are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.

Thanks, Sam Britton

After months of numerous requests to the local electric power company requesting removal of a broken utility pole which represented a serious safety problem, I filed a complaint with the MSPSC via their website. Within one hour of filing the request, Southern District Commissioner Sam Britton called and assured me it would be handled promptly. Within four hours of filing the complaint, a district manager from the power company had visited the site and the pole was removed. Thank you to Sam Britton for outstanding work. In this era of complacency by so many elected officials, what a refreshing experience.

Get another opinion

The fiasco at Singing River Hospital would have been nipped in the bud if all patients diagnosed with a serious illness went for a second, or even third, opinion. Most, if not all, insurance companies will pay, and even encourage you, to get another look. It may be more hassle at first, folks, but it’s worth doing and may even save your life.

Fine with me

I was driving through D’Iberville and noticed the posted “$1000 litter fine.” Then I started looking around and also noticed no litter or next to no litter on roadsides. Smart move, D’Iberville. The high fine seems to be working for y’all.

There’s a difference

Love is unconditional. Relationships are not.

Take care of elderly

I sure wish we took care of our elderly in this country. Instead, we leave the burden for the children and the expense on both the parents and the children. Other countries know how to take care of their older people and love them until the day they die.

Trashy behavior

Trashy people, I work for the county. Thursday, we picked enough garbage to fill a 1-ton flatbed truck. One location was Old Highway 49 at Big Biloxi Bridge. By that afternoon someone had dumped a large TV there.

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