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Sound Off for January 12: Golf carts shouldn’t cruise in these Coast cities

Golf carts and custom-made golf carts are available for sale at Gulf Coast Golf Carts in Diamondhead.
Golf carts and custom-made golf carts are available for sale at Gulf Coast Golf Carts in Diamondhead. Sun Herald file


Why can’t the state require proof of insurance when you buy your car tag!

Both ways

Remember, gerrymandering works both ways.

Sarcasm alert!

What? Lower utility bills? I hate that. Repeal the new tax bill.


I live in Diamondhead, and golf carts are bad enough here. Ocean Springs is considering them, and that’s totally impractical. But, Long Beach? There is no place in Long Beach where golf carts could be safely operated. Mr. Mayor, proclaim this suggestion dead on arrival, please.

Cost and demand

Why does the U.S. spend so much more on healthcare? Greed! The industry knows we can and will pay.

Traffic control

Neither MDOT nor Harrison County has done anything to address the traffic safety concerns at I-10 Exit 28 (Long Beach exit). Every weekday morning and evening, it’s nearly impossible to make a left turn off the eastbound and westbound exits due to slow-moving, excessive truck traffic in this area. Traffic lights would be much appreciated. Can you please do something to help the locals, the people who live here and support the local economy each and every day?

Clean it up

Litter in Saucier is atrocious. Doing some househunting in the area with a potential new resident and I was embarrassed by what I saw. Saucier Lizana Road, West Wortham Road, Old Highway 49 are just some of them. Don’t y’all have garbage cans at home?

South of Wiggins

Not one red cent of BP recovery money should be spent north of Wiggins. When there is money the greedy crawl out of their holes.

Sour grapes?

To “No cigar,” sounds like your team got a stake driven into their heart by Bama. Sounds like an LS-Who fan. Seventeen and counting. Roll Tide!

Bad idea

Speed bumps create a greater hazard for residents. They do not affect impaired, distracted or reckless drivers. This creates a false sense of security that does not exist. Plus, the attention of otherwise careful drivers are diverted to the bumps. Bay St Louis should re-evaluate their policies, as it is more a political program rather than a safety one.

Venus, Mars

Women go into a relationship thinking she can change her man. A man goes into it hoping she never changes and she does.

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