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Sound Off for January 9: Put lottery earnings toward state education

A customer fills in his numbers on a Powerball ticket for a chance to win the $450,000 jackpot Monday, Nov. 26, 2012, in Houston.
A customer fills in his numbers on a Powerball ticket for a chance to win the $450,000 jackpot Monday, Nov. 26, 2012, in Houston. AP File

Yea, Oprah!

Great speech at Golden Globes Award from Oprah. Has been the most talked about speech. She was born in and got her start in “Mississippi.”

Think again

I think “Time to vote again” would be disappointed if the flag issue were put to a vote. Would they accept the result? Be honest.

Anyone know?

Am sending in my two entries to Publisher’s Clearing House $5,000 a week contest. Just want to ask why are there two different addresses in Melville N.Y.? Same name, different numbers.

Please explain

People who like the current flag will never be satisfied with a new design. Those who oppose the current flag will never be satisfied until a new design is approved. What makes you think a new design will be embraced by all?

Coast money

The BP money belongs to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, not the politicians and not the governor. If you own a business or home on the Coast, you should receive a check — not someone cherry-picked by a government employee.

Alternate route

Since 28th Street has been torn up for a long time and will not be finished for a long time, maybe instead of complaining about a turn arrow, people could use Pass Road, which has turn arrows. The whole timing of the lights to have a properly working turn arrow on a two-lane road would have to be completely changed.

For the kids

We should get the lottery but our leaders need to put half of the earnings into our education system with a clause stating no one can stop that amount of money going to education for 15 years. Education needs the money — our kids need a better system. Good teachers need better pay. Let’s do this for our children now and in the future.

Let it go

I have no dog in this fight — the only flag I honor and care deeply about is the Stars and Stripes. With that said, the present Mississippi state flag was recently voted upon and upheld. And I suspect another vote will not change a thing. Stop wasting time, folks. Leave it alone.

Spread the word

In 2001 we voted on the State Flag. Since 2001 so many young people have grown up and they have more progressive ideas that the old State Flag is racist with its confederate emblem on it. All the state universities have decided not to fly it. There has to be some reason why the universities and the cities have decided not to fly the flag. So the question now is how do we spread this message and preferably in a peaceful way? I guess we will just have to keep keeping on until they understand our message.

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