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Sound Off for January 8: The Women’s March 2018 is coming up

Groups gather for the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington.
Groups gather for the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington. The Washington Post

March here?

The Women’s March 2018 has been scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 20, and Sunday, Jan. 21, across the country. Is a march scheduled along the Coast? Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.

Thank you!

The recent freezing weather brought me major problems. A senior’s worst scenario: no heat or water. The best I could do was to get on a company’s waiting list. In a Godwink, I had one of the nicest Christian gentleman drive up in his service truck unexpectedly. A master plumber for 20 years was informed of the situation, and he did the pipe repairs after hours. Hallelujah! He was truly a blessing.

Be grateful

When awakening each day be thankful, forgiving.We are allowed little time to spend with love ones. Don’t look at what anyone else has or want it. Ones you admire don’t assume all is well. They may have more problems. Until you’re in their shoes you don’t know their truth. Work on you. Be unique. There is only one you. Present yourself well. After all is said done time is ticking away. This moment is yours. From dust we came; back to dust we go. Be saved.

For the bumps

I live on a very busy street with three ball parks and many children walking to school and play. We also have two speed bumps. The bumps are to remind drivers of the danger of high speed to themselves and others. If you were to hit and, heaven forbid, kill or seriously injure one of the kids in the area you may then see the value of the speed bumps. Lets hope the speed bumps do their jobs.

Lottery, please

It’s funny how Georgia has the lottery and no casinos. The people in Georgia are going to North Carolina and Alabama to the casinos there. When I lived in Georgia I played the lottery all of the time and drove the seven hours to Mississippi to the casinos. Doesn’t make any sense. We need the lottery. If you don’t approve of gambling then don’t go to the casinos or play the lottery.

Static electricity

No, cellphones do not cause explosions at gas pumps (despite the warning signs against using cellphones at gas pumps). I am quite disappointed to see the myth still manages to make the rounds, too. A popular TV show on the Discovery Channel even sought to test and dispel this myth once and for all. It’s 2018. Let’s let this myth fade out already. However, static electricity does cause gas station explosions, so please make a point not to touch the exterior of your car while pumping in these super cold temperatures we’re having.

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