Sound Off

Sound Off for January 7: It’s time to vote on the flag again

Voters head to the polls Tuesday at the American Legion Post 160 in Pascagoula.
Voters head to the polls Tuesday at the American Legion Post 160 in Pascagoula. Sun Herald file

Retirement plan

Just read that Mississippi is one of the best places to retire if you want your savings to last...

Modest proposal

Any state loto approval should include a removal of the 7 percent tax on food.

What’s that sound?

Follow the money is always the way to go and it is making waves and lots of noise in high places.

New nickname

Maybe the city of Bay St. Louis should change their logo from A Place Apart to Speed Bump City.

Give it a rest

Does everything in life these days have to have some social awareness or political theme or message? Can’t we take an occasional break and simply enjoy something?


This is cold and flu season. Please do not blow your nose directly in front of the person you are talking to and if you must blow your nose at the dinner table please turn your head to the side.

Time to vote again

We may have voted to keep the state flag, but that was over 10 years ago. I personally was in elementary school when that vote was taken and could not possibly have voted against it at the time. Now there is a new generation of voters whose opinion deserves to be heard. Times have changed, and it’s time for our state flag to represent something everyone in our state can be proud of.

Careful at pumps

While filling my car at the gas station, I answered my cellphone. The man on the other side of the pump came over telling me to turn off my phone because it can cause an explosion. I hung up and asked him why the gas station didn’t have a warning. He showed me that there is a warning on the gas pump. It was included with several other warnings inside a small red strip. The text was very small and I would never have noticed it if he hadn’t pointed it out to me. Maybe we can use this column to educate people and save lives.

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