Sound Off

Sound Off: Have a problem with the state flag? Here’s what you should do

Job skills

Learn Spanish. There’s more work south of the border.

We voted on it

As to the article in the Wednesday paper about the “people” of Ocean Springs want the state flag taken down, the people of Mississippi voted overwhelmingly to keep the current flag during a past flag vote. It is only a vocal group of misfits and malcontents who keep bringing this subject up. The vote was 66 percent to keep it and 33 percent not to keep it. Unless something has changed the majority wins.

Enjoy it

People are complaining about the cold weather and think I am crazy because I am loving it. I hate the summers on the Coast, because it is just too hot. Give me the cold, chances to wear my big coat, fires in the fireplace, gas heat is cheaper than A/C. You sleep better when it is cold so turn that heater down when you go to bed and enjoy.


“Not every chemical should last forever” is a very informative article on the Sun Herald Opinion Page Jan. 3. I urge everyone to read this scary article.


Thank you Sun Herald for publishing “Dave Barry’s Year In Review.” We sure needed some laughter to end the year with. It is amazing how the talented Mr. Barry could take 2017 and turn it into something that could bring a smile or a laugh in remembering the years events. A happy and joyful New Year to all.

Bad idea

A seafood market will not work at Point Cadet. Why should Quality Seafood and Desporte’s (who have been almost ruined by the city road work) taxes build something to complete against them?

Who to call

If you don’t like the state flag, you need to take issue with your state representatives, not your city, not your friends and certainly not me while I’m out trying to enjoy dinner. State flag, state representatives. Got it?

No effect

About Thursday’s article by Karen Nelson, “Has the state flag discouraged people from spending money in Ocean Springs?” No, I spend my money where I want to, the flag has nothing to do with it. I think it’s just a few people who like to start something then leave. If the truth was known, they are probably not even from this area. Flag or no flag, what would you do if you didn’t have any money to spend? Excuses create no solutions.


As a customer of Cable One and Hancock County, specifically Diamondhead, I miss the 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. ABC and CBS local WLOX news. Are there any options to access those broadcasts?

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