Sound Off

Sound Off for January 2: Where was the big ‘D’ in the last quarter, Coach Payton?

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton. Associated Press

Dem Saints

Fourth quarter blues. Who Dat going to beat dem Saints? Guess who? Tampa Bay. Bummer! Happy New Year, Coach. Where was the big “D” in the last quarter?

Ho hum and all that jazz. Punt!

What happens

No, “Follow laws,” you don’t have to stack up a lot of violations to have your license suspended. What you need is to be poor with a minor infraction and a huge fine you can’t pay. . . . Get real. . .

Keep it legal

A guy robs a bank and after making his getaway, a rich lady says to the bank president, “Why on earth would that poor devil rob a bank when there are a thousand perfectly legal ways to steal?”

Special privileges?

I’m with you on the library parking lot problem. Why should those pesky disabled people get all the special parking? I got a book in my hand, I got a kid, I’m wearing high heels and just had my hair done. I have blue eyes, I donate to the library friend fund. I deserve up-front parking. Maybe a public library valet service. I demand special parking! Gimme a break.

Spare the rod . . .

I agree with the writer in regards to the children being tested for ADD, ADHD, etc. Yes, some do legitimately have issues but I’ve been in exactly the same situation as you and the children in my extended family no more have these problems than my cats. A good spanking would solve a lot of today’s problems. Too bad parents are afraid to do it.

Getting scary

Who is a panhandler? A homeless person, military veteran, scam artist, drug addict. What do they do? Hang out in establishments to strike up small talk to let you know they have a problem and are in need of some money. Why? To fulfill their needs, such as their car is out of gas, broken down a few blocks away, get a cup of coffee or something to eat and the list goes on. How to avoid: walk away, say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.” Call the manager, or the police or just give them some money. I see it happening a lot during the holidays at store parking lots. It is getting to be scary. What would you do?

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