Sound Off

Sound Off for January 1: ‘Happy new year, Gulf Coast’


Why not here?

I agree with “Not showing here.” Why can’t we get the movie “I Tonya”? It doesn’t come to these theaters. It’s supposed to be one of the best movies, with good stars, and may be up for an Academy Award. Please bring it to the Gulf Coast.

Follow laws

You have to break a lot of traffic laws to get your license suspended. If you are poor and cannot pay the consequences for your infractions, may I suggest you drive properly and lawfully. Give them a one-time amnesty at most.

New year blessings

Happy new year, Gulf Coast and many visitors. Visitors, enjoy all we have to offer. Everyone, drive safely and be kind. New things will be happening in 2018. Let’s give God thanks we are still alive to see His beautiful wonders. Pray for all. Open your heart, feel love, let those close to you know they are valued. Remember, the family that prays together stays together. God bless.

What do you mean?

A person has an awful habit of constantly banging their head against walls, and a bad, never-ending headache. One day, the person finally goes to see the doctor for relief from the constant headache. Doc walks in and sees the person sitting in a chair, banging their head against the wall, and asks what the problem is. “Doc, I gotta get some help for this headache. I’ve tried everything and it never goes away.” The doctor replies, “Maybe, if you stopped banging your head against the wall, your head would feel better.” The person replies, “What are you talking about? I don’t bang my head against the wall.”

Who cares?

I absolutely hate the wedding proposal stories and videos. Who really cares about the circumstances and methods of some stranger’s proposal?

Keep to your side

Community Center visitors should park on their side of the parking lot. Library patrons have books to carry in, and young children and need to park close to the building they are visiting.

A different day

Back in the day, if an adult said something to someone’s child about their bad behavior and that child told their parents, that child would have been punished for said bad behavior. Today, under the same circumstances, the parent would take offense and want to attack the adult who dared say something to their brat — oops I meant their precious baby.

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