Sound Off

Sound Off for December 30: You can stop millennials from moving out of Mississippi

Verify IDs

Just read in Thursday’s newspaper about fraudulent use of credit cards. I fully believe that it is time for businesses to have their clerks at registers ask for an ID to verify ownership whether it is credit or debit use. This should be done unless the cashier definitely knows the card user.

Proudly hailed

In light of the NFL flag debacle, I am especially grateful for the large American flag placed by a local business on Shriners Boulevard and I-10, Exit 44. It stands as a perfect reminder of what America is.

Give them a chance

You want millennials to stay on the Coast/state? Simple. Stop holding their age, experience or lack of and the fact that most have a degree against them. Stop stereotyping/profiling. This is our future. Give them the opportunity to learn, contribute, grow. You might be surprised what we stand to gain.

Not showing here?

So didn’t “Shape of Water” play nationwide last week, but we still couldn’t get it? More mindless blockbusters, I suppose, is all we will get. Give me a break. And thanks for only two weeks of “Three Billboards.” Guess it didn’t generate the sales that mindless comic book movies do.

Rock is dead

After looking at the list of top albums and songs for the year, it’s obvious rock ’n’ roll is dead. Nothing but rap and pop. Pop is disco re-branded and rap is nothing more than talking . . . by testing the limits of how vulgar, sexist and racist it can be.

Real stereo is best

I don’t think young people know what a difference a real stereo makes when listening to music of any kind. Your phone or bluetooth speakers will never sound as good. Even if you hook it up to a real stereo, MP3’s just don’t sound as good as a CD and a CD doesn’t sound as good as vinyl records.

Build a wall

Can we put a wall up between the St. Martin Library and Community Center? Community Center visitors refuse to stay on their side of the parking lot leaving library patrons with nowhere to park.

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