Sound Off

Sound Off for December 23: Who makes the best donuts?

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Best donut?

OK, Coastians. Who makes the best donuts on the Gulf Coast? Tato-Nut or Fantasy? Hmmmmm…

Anyone know?

Now that WastePro no longer accepts glass for recycling, I hate tossing it in the trash. Is there a place where Gulfport residents can drop off glass bottles and jars to be recycled?

Lucky me

I got a $29 raise from Social Security. Nice! But my Medicare went up $24. So it ended up amounting to a big $5 raise for me to spend. So much for the big Social Security raise.

We are our choices

Most of our choices in life affect not only us but others. It’s our choice to over spend, drink, smoke, do drugs, gamble, use cellphones when driving, overeat and become obese, have unprotected sex, curse, always being late, etc. Don’t whine about the choices you chose to make. Do something to correct those poor choices.

Great job!

Hats off to all the outstanding delivery service workers who have served us so well during this holiday season. Your labors and dedication are very much appreciated.

All work, no play

Amazing how college football players are now sitting out of bowl games due to the NFL draft. I know it’s all about money, but we have made football too much of a business and not enough pleasure.

Together we stand

For the next few days, let us forget all the ranker and strife. Instead, let us truly feel the reason for this season. Let us all come together as family because as Katrina taught us all, here on the Coast, we are all family. Together, we can do so much good in this world; divide us, and we all become parts of the problem.

Get it done!

Is the Department of Transportation ever going to get the “Jeff Davis” traffic circle at Mississippi 15 and Lamey Bridge Road done? Six months already on a complicated design that should have be done with a simple traffic light.

Missing piece

I recently went on a very enjoyable tour of the Harbor Lights. It just gets better every year! A big thank you to all the folks who work throughout the year to make this event a leading attraction during the holiday season. However, at the end of the tour there was one thing missing. There was no display for the reason for the season. That was a big disappointment for me and others in my group.

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