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Sound Off for December 21: Don’t authorize golf carts in Ocean Springs

Golf carts and custom-made golf carts are available for sale at Gulf Coast Golf Carts in Diamondhead.
Golf carts and custom-made golf carts are available for sale at Gulf Coast Golf Carts in Diamondhead. Sun Herald file

Great read

Thank you Murella Powell for the informative history in a capsule of the White Pillars. The building is a lasting tribute to the story of Dr. Folkes and all the work he did in the medical field along the Coast. As well as to Mrs. Went and the Mladinich family who has lovingly taken care of this structure for the past many decades. Looking forward to having dinner at the White Pillars this holiday season.


Fair warning, Ocean Springs: Don’t authorize golf carts on your streets. We have that in Diamondhead and cart operators drive like there is no one on the road but them. It’s extremely dangerous!

Two FBI’s

There are two branches of the FBI, the branch that’s out investigating, solving and preventing crime, and the branch that’s out supporting the liberal Democrat agenda.


Most technology is greed-driven. How about a war on greed?

Big increase

Just got my Social Security statement advising me about an increase in benefits. I’m getting an increase of $2.2 dollars. Two dollars; 4 half-dollars; 8 quarters; 200 pennies. Social Security is a joke.

One flag

There’s a flag that flies over all state flags. . . . I truly enjoyed the Army-Navy football game and show. Everybody stood at attention for the national anthem and no one kneeled. This is the way it should be.

Accessbility, please

I am asking for all store owners and managers to take a second and evaluate your accessibility options for people with true disabilities. One of our family members was recently stricken with a long-term illness that requires the use of an electric cart to shop. Why would big (stores) not offer electric carts? Why would they not set up the display racks so the carts can maneuver around them? Also, why would the ones that offer a cart not have a way to guage the battery life so a person is not stranded in the back of the store? Please look at what you offer for people with true disabilities because they would love to spend their money in your store if accessibility was an option. Thank you.

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