Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 19: What about converting Great Southern golf course?

A Sound Off reader suggests turning the Great Southern golf club into an executive course.
A Sound Off reader suggests turning the Great Southern golf club into an executive course. Sun Herald File

Great idea!

I am not a millennial, much older, but I have to give credit where due. With the craze with holy jeans you can now wear worn out jeans and be socially accepted. With the many colors of underwear you don’t have to change them as often.

Bad apple

How dare you call me a Democrat! I consistently vote Republican. I wrote one of those Sound Offs on the defeat of Roy Moore. I know a rotten apple when I smell one.

Fair and balanced

I had to laugh at the Sound Off writer who claimed the Sun Herald was taken over by the DNC. All I’ve read lately is Mike Fullilove’s usual conservative bias, unless he has joined the DNC and left the RNC. The Sun Herald does a pretty good job of presenting balanced views and no (Trump) fake news.

Hope abandoned

Addendum to today’s Shout Out: some years ago, I read a Sun Herald article noting that our forefathers instituted a high inheritance tax rate because they did not want families to become so very wealthy and powerful — as they had in England. We are seeing the wisdom of their actions today as we watch the wealthy help the wealthy become more wealthy, and thus, more powerful. Is there any hope for America to retain our culture and values? I’m beginning to lose hope.

Great idea

It’s a wonderful idea to convert the Great Southern Golf Club to an executive golf course. The Golf Garden, Destin, Florida, has one with seven par threes and two par fours as a nine-hole course you can do twice if you’re looking for a 18-hole day. Developing patio type homes with the remainder of the land could really be an attraction for seniors. The prices are affordable and this actually could be a good perk for our golfing executives to get a quick game in during the week.

Praise of Trump

The president has done more positive things for this country in the first year to improve the economy, help business to thrive, bring jobs back to this country, reduce illegal immigration, get rid of criminal gangs in inner cities, improve health care for all citizens, make America energy independent, get us out of horrible trade and global warming deals, etc., etc., etc. There is nothing that will make liberals happy or satisfied. These people want to go back to all of the terrible polices and things that were destroying America. Make America great again. Go Trump!

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