Sound Off

Sound Off for December 16: Stop stealing from graves


Code in the Code

Thumbing through the latest edition of the Mississippi drivers manual, I found that the state law, “right turn on red after complete stop” is code for, slow down just enough to keep at least two wheels on the ground when making your turns.

Sweet home?

Lots of Sound Offs celebrating Alabama’s election. Is the Sound Off editor an Alabama resident? Or has the Sun Herald completely sold out to the DNC?


Those color splash uniforms, or whatever they’re called, are more annoying and lame than not standing for the anthem. Did the NFL honestly need some shoe company’s money that badly?

Coal for you

I know it’s the time for giving but to the person or persons who recently stole flowers placed on three graves at Creastlawn Cemetery in Ocean Springs, it’s not the time for taking. It is just repulsive for someone to steal from a grave site at this time of year. I hope Santa gives you coal for Christmas.

Phone problems

For better than two work weeks, I tried frequently by phone to reach the tax collector’s office. Finally, someone answered and told me that the office did not handle exemptions. I filed there last April, but no homestead exemption showed up on the card sent by the office. She gave me a number to call and the number was answered by the Port Authority.

Force is with me

Haven’t got anything against Star Wars. Just another Hollywood movie about people killing loads of other people with odd weapons instead of guns. But I’m thinking, I missed the very first movie and didn’t bother with the next 30 as I had grown too old to desire a flashy light saber for Christmas, so why then do I know the plot, characters, and most lines from every episode while at the same time carrying a complete catalogue of every piece of Star Wars merchandise and corporate co-advertisers inside my little noggin? Must be that force thing.

Great Southern idea

Here’s a really interesting idea for The Great Southern Golf Club. There are many seniors in this area who enjoy playing golf, however, as we get older it becomes more difficult to play a regulation-size course. I haven’t found a nice “Executive” course in this area. A par 3 or 4 course is an option for the Great Southern and there would be room on the property to build some small homes or town homes. The developer could contribute to the reconfiguration of the course, and we seniors would have a course that doesn’t wear us out to play. If we want to compete for the retiree population, we need to provide amenities attractive to them.

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