Sound Off

Sound Off for December 15: ‘Hooray for Alabama!’

Yea! ’Bama

Hooray for Alabama! The electorate, not the football team.

Everlasting gift

Republican Tax Bill, the gift that keeps on taking for generations to come.

Sinking ship

In one news report, it said the Republicans are “grasping for a political lifesaver.” If they catch it, they’re going to discover that it leaks badly and will probably deflate by next election time.

Here’s hoping

Thankfully, Alabama made the right decision by electing a Democrat for U.S. Senator. Louisiana elected a Democrat as governor and maybe Mississippi will see the light. One can only hope.

Please explain

We saw a big tower being put up on Sunday near the RR tracks on Veterans Avenue. It doesn’t look like a cell tower, and I did not read anything about it. What is it?

Right choice

Kudos to the people of Alabama for putting morality ahead of politics. Maybe we’ll make it after all.

Think about it

Donald Trump better think hard about the Alabama Senate race. When he goes to run, he will be another Moore and people will be bringing up all his ugly ways and ugly tweets. Decency won in Alabama.

Bad timing

There is no good time of the year for property owners to receive their yearly property tax bill but why do they have to be delivered in early December along with one’s early Christmas cards? Can’t they be sent out on a fiscal year rather than the calendar year? Talk about putting a damper on the Holiday Spirit, not to mention the Christmas gift budget.

What I’d do

If my neighbor had two large dogs and they managed to always use my yard as their place to do their business I know exactly what I would do. I would have a shovel on hand and gift the business back to the neighbors yard each and every time it happened. Eventually she’ll get the message.

Keep lookin’

Not sure why, but lately I’ve been remembering a frequent joke on the “Beverly Hillbillies” TV show. Their doorbell played some pretty musical notes, and every time it went off they’d all look up in wonder. One day Jed comments he’d sure like to know where that music comes from and asks Jethro if he’d found the source. Jethro replies that every time it goes off and he commences to lookin’ for it, someone always knocks on the door, and by time he stops to answer the door the music stops. Then there’s a Knock on the door, and Jethro says, “See what I mean?” And Jed replies, “I see what you mean. You keep lookin’ and I’ll get the door.”

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