Sound Off

Sound Off for December 14: Mississippi could learn from Alabama

Lights, please!

Drivers, turn your lights on when visibility is in question. It’s not just about you seeing me, it’s about me seeing you too.

Move on

For heaven’s sakes, people, Trump was invited. Get over it and move on with life.

Trump effect

God bless Alabama! I guess Moore was less. So much for the Trump effect. Mississippi should take the cue from Alabama.

Please explain

To “Bad decision,” why are you angry that the president of the United States of America came to Mississippi to attend the new museum opening? Tell me?


A very big “Thank you” to the Mayor and Council of Biloxi for repairing the Forrest Avenue fishing pier after the storm. It’s a great place to fish and to gather and enjoy the water. We do appreciate your help.

Me too!

I couldn’t agree more with the Sound Off about love dogs, but hate dog owners who do not own a leash or pick up their dog’s poop. I have a neighbor with two big dogs, a postage stamp yard and no fence who has mastered the art of turning her back when her dogs poop in my yard.

Not OK

Ever notice 95 percent of bashing is about bashing men? From the comics to the advice columns, it’s all about men taking the criticism. Television follows suit, doing the same thing. The sad society we live in guys.

Do something!

I live in a peaceful neighborhood, but we have a problem with people letting their dogs loose at night. That is because the animal control officers aren’t working. These people need to be prosecuted. Please, can someone do something?

Thanks, CTA

Thanks to CTA for implementing the new bus route along Popp’s Ferry and Cedar Lake, Route 32. It has been needed for a long time with all the new growth along that route. Hopefully, there will be more later on.

Great story!

Thanks for your courage, bravery and service to our country, Louisiana Senior Airman Raymond “Tyler” Bourne and all the AC-130 gunship crew. What a way to start my day, reading Greg Hilburn’s captivating story from The News-Star reprinted in The Sun Herald Monday, about Bourne and the crew rescuing a U.S. Special Forces Team in Afghanistan. It was such a professionally written, suspenseful, spine-tingling story. I know real war isn’t like Hollywood portrays it, but I felt like I was sitting in a movie theater watching a blockbuster. Someone should make a movie about these heroes. Congratulations, Airmen!

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