Sound Off

Sound Off for December 13: Pick up your dog’s poop

Dogs, not owners

I like dogs a lot more than I like their owners who don’t use a leash or pick up the doggy poo.

Just wondering

I’m beginning to wonder if the push for high-tech is a crime against humanity.


To set us back: how wonderful that you have the gift of ESP to be able to read minds and speak for the entire state and country.

Get it here

May I suggest that you get your Social Security reports the way I do: It is easy to sign up and access your report anytime you like.

What a waste

My new Phone Book was delivered (the other day). The person threw it in my driveway. The plastic wrap was torn and the book got all wet, making it useless. What a waste.

Settle it

Put the flag up, no take it down, no put it back up, no take it down. Geez!

Dear Santa:

Please get the bullies at work some good psychological help.

Bad info

Colleges are terrible at giving advice to older people.

Make it stop

If you have a cell phone, please go to your app store and get the free “MS No Call” app. I know there are people who block phone numbers they don’t recognize, but that just helps them. If we report these companies, they will get fined and hopefully will stop making calls which is better for all of us.

Please explain

The environmental disaster at Mississippi Phosphates didn’t happen overnight, it took decades to develop. Where was MDEQ during this time? Why and how was this allowed to become as massive as it is?

Bad decision

Why on earth would the governor of this state invite Donald Trump, of all people, to cut the ribbon on Mississippi’s new African-American History Museum? No wonder African-Americans in this state are angry; I’ll bet a lot of other people are too. I know I am. The only person to whom that honor should have gone is former President Barack Obama. Think how proud he would have been, and how proud he would have made Mississippi’s African-American population, as well as other loyal Mississippi Democrats like me, who voted for him, not once but twice. Shame on you, Gov. Bryant!

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