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Sound Off for December 12: ‘Christmas in Mississippi’ is the real deal

Jana Kramer and Wes Brown star in “Christmas in Mississippi.” The movie filmed in Jones Park in Gulfport.
Jana Kramer and Wes Brown star in “Christmas in Mississippi.” The movie filmed in Jones Park in Gulfport. Courtesy Lifetime Network

City in good light

I saw “Christmas in Mississippi” last night. To all who made this happen in Gulfport, great job! It was a really nice movie and it did a good job of highlighting Gulfport.

Beyond cakes

To the letter writer who is confused about the SCOTUS case on the cake, it is and has never been about cakes. It is about a licensed merchant operating in an open public business environment selling his wares/products who unilaterally discriminates who he wants to sell to. Aside from being a stupid businessman, his license to operate in this country stipulates he must comply with all applicable laws — including non-discrimination.

Snappy comment

Regarding the woman and her children being rude in the grocery store checkout line. I am not politically correct and I have no problem speaking with strangers. If I had been in line behind her I would have said, “It is obvious that you are not going to have time to cook this food; I will be happy to donate it to a needy family on your behalf.”

Our real life

Watched a wonderful Christmas movie last night that was filmed in Gulfport. Beautiful and touching. For once no drippy accents. Just an excellent sweet storyline reflecting how we Southern folks really live. Recommend highly!

Honors those before

If the POTUS had not accepted the invite, the screams and gnashing of teeth on the part of the Democrats would have been deafening. Second, the museum is not about those today; it is for us to remember those who came before us, their sacrifices and their overwhelming desire to “overcome.”

Missing mail

Neighbors, if you receive the wrong mail, please put it back in the mailbox with a note or even circle the address. You see, some of my friends have received their Social Security statements about a week ago. I have not — looks like mine went somewhere else. Hope whoever received it enjoyed it. I live on a fixed income, and to know the amount I would be getting would be such a help.

Over and over

Christmas music is fine. But when a local station has a very limited number of songs to play, and they played them 24/7 over and over, it gets old really quickly.

It will happen

The war on ISIS for Iraq may be over, if they choose to believe that. But it certainly isn’t over for the rest of the world. The next terrorist act will prove that. And it will happen.

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