Sound Off

Sound Off for December 8: Recycling in Gulfport is difficult

Recycling, indeed

Again another Tuesday has passed and again I’m carrying not one, not two, not three, but four of your fine recycle boxes. By the way I would like to thank the mayor of Gulfport for his fine contract. I can’t believe anyone who is making a concerted effort to recycle can possibly put everything in your little container.

Order status

Your orders for daylight saving and warm weather are on back-order until March and better drivers are discontinued.

Not political

Russia as a state used illegal drugs to enhance their athletics and that is why they are banned from Olympic competition in the next games. Nothing to do with politics.

Imagine this

President Trump was invited by Gov. Bryant to attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. I can only imagine the uproar if the president had turned down this invitation.

The point on taxes

For those who complain that pending tax reform lowers taxes for corporations are missing the obvious. Where do you think corporations get the money to pay taxes? It comes from you and me and others who buy their products or services. A corporate tax rate reduction could lead to more competition and lower prices.

Pay attention

Was in the grocery store. . . . All the lines were packed with people even though the store had every line open. Just a lot of people. One lady stood at the register playing on her phone as her two teen kids stood at the end playing on theirs. First the cashier had to ask the woman to put her stuff on the counter. Then the woman left the basket in the aisle preventing the next person from unloading their stuff. All the while the trio stared at their phones oblivious to everything around them. The cashier then had to put all the items in bags, walk around the counter and the woman to retrieve the basket, and repeatedly say “Excuse me” as she walked back and forth around the two kids to put bags in the basket parked on the other side. She then told the woman her total, and after about five long seconds, the woman put down her phone and began digging for a card. None of the three ever looked up from their phones, never spoke, never pitched in, and never bothered to at least stand aside while the cashier worked. This bothered me. I told my elderly mom while we were talking that night. Always the peacenik old Mom said they didn’t have to help. I laughed and told Mom if we acted like that as teens she would have whopped us upside the head and told us to get busy. She smiled and said, “Yes, but today, I’d go to jail, and you’d be in foster care.” Hmm!

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