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Sound Off for December 7: Why does Biloxi need to hire a lobbyist?

Keith Heard, former chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, could become a lobbyist for Biloxi.
Keith Heard, former chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, could become a lobbyist for Biloxi. For The Washington Post

Great day

The Christmas parade in Bay St. Louis was super wonderful. Santa was the best ever. Thank you, Hancock Tourism for that excellent and happy day for our kids.

What matters

And the true spirit of the Olympics is? Politics and TV ratings, of course.

My complaint

I don’t like anything, except complaining for no reason.

Please explain

Could and would someone please tell us why we are separating our garbage and recycling? Again today, both went into the same truck.

Dear Santa:

All I Want For Christmas is warm weather again, daylight saving time back, and people to drive their cars better.

What about us?

Large notice in paper today for medication disposal boxes in every town on the Coast except Ocean Springs. When will we join and allow residents to get rid of unused prescriptions.

Look at Stennis Flag

Please, Why doesn’t someone do a story on the Stennis Flag to examine it as an option for voters to vote on. It is the past, now and the future all in one. A pretty flag to be proud of.


Shouldn’t the NAACP’s main concern be with the state rather than Ocean Springs?

The sky is falling

They’re cutting taxes! Everyone run for your lives! It’s Armageddon! The end is near! Gimme a break.

Swamp things

So, Biloxi Mayor Gilich wants to give $10,000 of city taxpayer money per month to a former Sen. Cochran and Lott staffer to lobby for Biloxi to get it’s share of BP settlement funds? Isn’t that his and the City Council and other elected officials jobs? This is pure swamp creature stuff!

No politics zone

Politics are not supposed to be part of the Olympics! Doesn’t anyone remember Jimmy Carter’s blunder? Can’t people enjoy anything without some politician working a power play into it?

No worries?

While I stood in line to check out, the man in front of me complimented the cashier on her pleasant demeanor. He said, they should give you a raise. I said she’ll need a raise with this new permanent Christmas tax package Republicans gifted to their wealthy donors and corporations already flush with cash. The man replied, “You know I’m 74, so I don’t care, but if this happened 10 years ago I would be screaming about it.” With a huge smile, I said, “You are one of the lucky ones. You must have no children or grandchildren to worry about.” I wish I had a video of the look that came across his face.

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