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Sound Off for December 4: The government shouldn’t save the golf club

Phillip Scarbrough, left, and Stephen Byrd of Meridian play golf at the Great Southern Golf Club in Gulfport.
Phillip Scarbrough, left, and Stephen Byrd of Meridian play golf at the Great Southern Golf Club in Gulfport. Sun Herald file


One man’s reason is another man’s excuse.

Bad for us

I hate to say this but if Congress agrees on and passes a tax bill it can’t be good for us.


To the thief that stole my food off the front porch, hope you enjoyed it.

Pretty please!

I asked Santa for a breathalyzer. I hope I get it.


Looks like the leftist Sound Off editor is back on the job promoting only his/her agenda. Talk about omitting people from the table.

Bands, please

I agree with the Sound Off from show the bands. I never cared that much for football but always had the TV on at halftime just to watch the beautiful performances by the bands.

No debate

For there even to be a debate about Alabama or Ohio State shows how flawed the system is. Number one, there should be eight teams not four in the playoffs. Forget any formulas, everyone knows Alabama should be there no matter what the committee decides.

Not governmental

All these people are saying, “Don’t let the Great Southern Golf Club die.” But, no one is saying, I’ll take a membership.” Instead, they are saying, “Can’t this government entity or this other government entity save the club?” Neither city, county nor state government should be in the golf business.


There used to be a pretty little white church nestled in the oaks in D’Iberville. My parents were married there over 60 years ago, as were probably thousands of other people. Artists would come from all over to create paintings and other artworks of the little church, probably as many times as of the old lighthouse. Anyhow, it’s long gone now, and has been replaced by a giant gambling casino. But change is good, and everyone made tons of money. Yes, change and progress are good, but sometimes maybe it’s just as good to step back and contemplate what that change says about us as people. Probably not good thinking to walk around in dirty clothes because of a fondness for grandmas broken down old washer, but tossing granny’s old washer out to replace it with a snazzy new hot tub won on a game show. Hmm! Progress?

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