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Sound Off for December 3: Can you juggle two school systems when you can’t manage one?

Julie Bass works with students at Popps Ferry Elementary School in Biloxi in 2015.
Julie Bass works with students at Popps Ferry Elementary School in Biloxi in 2015. Sun Herald File

‘Harass’ defined

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of “Harass”: to annoy persistently. Just thought I’d throw that out there.


Why would anyone attend a negotiating meeting when the other party has already made it clear that they are not interested in negotiating?


By definition, a true nonconformist should not want a “seat at the table.” I know several “round” pegs who want nothing to do with the “square” holes. Live and let live, they say. The problem is the activist nonconformist who wants to agitate and force everyone else to conform to them.


This is America. People should not be forced to do anything. People should not be forced to do things against their own will.

A contender

We need more hot commodities to compete with high tech.

DIY majors

People need more freedom to design their own degrees.

Watch it

Workers’ rights watchdogs should increase their investigations.

Look out!

Friday afternoon my wife and I were nearly the victims of a head-on collision by someone speeding in a pickup truck who crossed over the center line into our lane not once but twice. I want the driver to know that I got a good look at him and his truck, and I will be watching for him.

Let us know

It would be nice if the “Harrison County and Biloxi powers that be who take such great pleasure in blowing these obnoxiously loud sirens would inform the public by mail what the different sounds mean rather than just blow them for the heck of it.

Lights, please

It is fog season in South Mississippi. Drivers need to have headlights on, not for you to see where you are going but for us to be able to see you on the road.

Wise words

Based upon years of studies Mississippi has consistently placed at or near the bottom with respect to its ability to adequately educate the K-12 members of our society. Now some of those tasked with that responsibility (Legislators, etc.) wish to introduce charter schools into our educational system. If these folks lack the ability and foresight to manage one system, what could possibly go wrong with them now having to juggle two? In the words of Mark Twain, “Behold the fool saith, “Put not all thine eggs in the one basket — which is but a manner of saying “scatter your money and your attention”; but the wise man saith “Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket.”

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