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Sound Off for December 1: Your feet should be sore, not your thumbs

Parking for those who walk or run the Biloxi Bay Bridge is available on the Ocean Springs side of the bridge.
Parking for those who walk or run the Biloxi Bay Bridge is available on the Ocean Springs side of the bridge.

Turn them off

Please turn off your fog lights when there is no fog on the roads. In clear weather it’s as bad as if you were running with your bright lights on to oncoming traffic.

The problem

The problem with conservatism is that when your sole focus is on the preservation on traditional laws and social customs, you inherently declare there is no space at the table for those who do not conform.

Year round?

Thank you oh so much to those who worked so hard to light our Majestic Tree at the Pascagoula bridge. It is wonderful! Perhaps it should be a year-round delight.

I agree

I am a woman and I have to say that I am 100 percent in agreement with the letters to the editor written by both Chuck Burkhard and William Linville. I know there are problems in the world, but I think it goes both ways.

Watch out!

Better not pout, and I’m not talking Christmas. The men are toppling all around us. Their past is catching up with them. Matt Lower, Garrison Keiler, and who’s next? Watch out, because women now have a voice and they are using it.

More daylight

Just a thought. One way to stay safe while holiday shopping would be to having daylight hours last until 8 p.m. It gets dark around 5:30 and most of us are getting off work. It may not alleviate the danger but the crime rate may drop considerably.

Remember when?

Anyone remember when people’s heads faced forward instead of down? Or when having a hunchback was not the norm? Or when people got sore feet rather than sore thumbs?

Just us

Difficult to believe not one Democratic senator supports tax reform. America suffers from the “us vs. them” mentality of Republicans and Democrats. Our lawmakers are letting us down.

Save golf course!

The city of Gulfport would be fools to let the Great Southern Golf course be developed. It is the oldest historic operating establishment in Gulfport. If not along the whole Coast. Built in 1908 and is the oldest golf course in Mississippi. One of the only businesses still here operating on U.S. 90 after all the hurricanes destroyed every other landmark. It has a ton of history with the people who have played there. Don’t let it go. The Gulfport historical committee needs to step up and do their job big time on this one. It is open to the public for use so use some BP money to buy it. Tourists look forward to go there and play also.

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