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Sound Off for Nov. 27: Bravo, Billy Hewes

Billy Hewes
Billy Hewes Sun Herald file

Bravo, Billy Hewes

What a great and timely editorial from the mayor of Gulfport. I couldn’t agree more. I am just so tired of being embarrassed by that ridiculous symbol being kept in place by stubborn, hate-filled people who refuse to consider the price we are paying in so many ways by keeping that flag flying.

Need better artwork

Please do not use a magnolia tree or flower on a new flag. Apparently it’s one of those things that can’t be drawn. I have never seen one that didn’t look badly drawn. The one on the car tag years ago was unrecognizable.

A center for all

The skate park would make a wonderful sports complex for all Harrison County residents to enjoy. There is plenty of space for the youth and the seniors to share. Let’s have a facility that everyone can enjoy and be proud of.

Show the bands

Why don’t they take five minutes to show college bands at halftime? Those kids deserve a little air time. More marching band, less analysis rehash.

Isn’t it ironic?

I am not a sports fan, but, I can predict the irony of Mississippi State fans’ celebration over the Ole Miss misfortune. What goes around comes around.

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