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Sound Off for November 24: Cut back on the salt

Your restaurant meal has more salt than you think it does.
Your restaurant meal has more salt than you think it does. Creative Commons

Cut back

Extra salt is the cause of high blood pressure. All foods have natural salt in them. Treat your body like you’re a diabetic, and cut back. You'll feel a lot better.

Speaking up is bravery

If you cannot understand why victims of sexual harassment took so long to come forward, just look back to 1998 and 1999. Several women made allegations against President Clinton. These claims were largely dismissed by the national media, the women were victims of attempts to destroy their credibility, and they were even called “tramps” on national TV by Joy Behar. Now, after almost 20 years, the national media is saying they have a right to be believed after they were shrugged off when they first spoke up. It took an enormous amount of courage for these victims to stand up, even after years have passed. They should be praised for being so brave instead of being subjected to all the sexist hypocrisy.

Raise wages

Locals aren't tourists. Raise wages.

New cans are garbage

Don’t like the new garbage collecting agency ‘cause I am too old to handle the garbage can and the recycle can falls over too easily. A little breeze, which we have a lot of, will knock it over with no problem. Reminds me of the childproof packaging which I have to fight with, also. Old age ain’t for sissies, I am finding out.

Thank you for serving

I am very thankful for past and still-serving members of our Armed Forces.

Words to live by

Life is precious; love your families. Train your children to obey authority, laws while you have the opportunity. Enjoy each day. Achieve, be truthful, have compassion, give thanks. Death is the end of this life; it knocks on each door. Be forgiven of your sins; our next life will be greater, with no sorrow, pain. With all violence going on in the world. prayer is the answer, faith is key. Please stop road rage and violence — be kind, help each other.

Gulfport needs walkover

So Biloxi will have two walkovers paid with Tidelands money. The aquarium in Gulfport should most definitely connect to Jones Park with a walkover. Think and plan, Gulfport.

Older birthdays?

Some months ago I suggested you return to boldface for birthday people. Thanks for doing so. My new request is that you include a few people older than I am.

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