Sound Off

Sound Off for November 23: This is needed on Harrison County

This is needed

Harrison County should build a military school for troubled youth.


Thirty-six women from SNL signed a letter supporting Al Franken. The day before the second victim came forward. Nice to know people are willing to sell out their ethics and morals to keep a job.


I was sitting at a bar Sunday and there was a Saints football game on and a fan next to me seemed proud that since players refused to stand during the National Anthem he hasn’t turned on his TV at home for a football game. I said it seems that hasn’t stopped you from going to bars though and enjoying the games. He caught himself, reflected, laughed and agreed that it hasn’t. If that’s not hypocrisy at its finest, I’m not sure what is. How many other high and mighty are going out to bars to watch the games but telling everyone they haven’t turned on their TVs? You’re busted!

Great movie

I saw a movie I wasn’t expecting to enjoy so much. I don’t usually go to kids’ movies but “Wonder” got great reviews and I can see why. In a way it’s about people not just being good but confronting others not so decent and prevailing over them. This movie was such a soothing mental balm considering the times we’re living in these days.

Anyone notice?

Watching that “Dancing With the Stars” show I’m thinking, All the women yelling cat calls, telling the male dancers to rip off their shirts, commenting on their buns, blurting out what they’d like to do with them, and, and, and constantly pawing at their abs and chests. Hmm! Never see the men doing that with the women dancers. Just an observation.

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