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Sound Off for November 22: Mississippi is a great state

The sun rises over the Mississippi Sound.
The sun rises over the Mississippi Sound. Sun Herald file


Don’t drive drunk.

Please explain

Why will Mississippi not enforce its mandatory automobile insurance law?

Anyone know?

What is the Hancock County Thanksgiving holiday schedule for waste pick up?


Regards to “Wipe Out,” Bama plays Auburn this weekend. Auburn stands for Alabama Usually Beats Us Round November. Sounds like someone Bama beat this year. Al’s team must have beat you. Roll Tide!

Speak up

Now is the time for all women to come forward. I’ve even talked about abuses that happened to me in the workplace years ago. It’s a hot topic now and women are coming forward and talking about it. Remember it’s your word against mine, and men always had the upper hand, but now that hand is being slapped.


So under the new guidelines, nearly half of all Americans have high blood pressure. Are they just trying to sell more pills? I think so since big business runs this country.

A great state!

Mississippi is a mostly rural state. The population of New York City alone is greater than all of our state. We do have many unions by the way. A dollar will go further in Mississippi than any other state. We are also known for being the best tippers. I can go on and on about my great state. Is it perfect? No. But is any other state?


Not missing it

No, not eating my heart out over the Saints, but you’ll have to understand that I personally “played” for the United States Air Force protecting the greatest country on the face of the Earth, the United States of America. And I am very thankful.

Why so long?

The continual claims of sexual harassment from decades past is troubling. I don’t understand why victims took so long, but I fear that because of it that such claims will eventually fall on deaf ears and be dismissed as too little, too late.

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