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Sound Off for Nov. 19: You can’t have it both ways

In this July 12, 2017 photo, Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington.
In this July 12, 2017 photo, Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington. AP

Right call

Bravo! Sun Herald, for taking action and following through to the Mississippi Supreme Court, seeking to protect the public’s right to know! Kudos to Judge Schloegel and the Supreme Court for correct decisions.

Works both ways

If accused sex abuser Roy Moore is not fit for service in the United States Senate, then Al Franken, confessed sex abuser, is not fit for service there, either. You cannot have it both ways.

Living wages

Since Hurricane Katrina, rent has gone up tremendously, as well as increased water and electric. When do the wages increase so we can live comfortably without stressing?


As I read the Sun Herald, I come across the story of Stacy Michelle Chamberlain pleading guilty to stealing $30,000. What was her punishment? Slap on the wrist and pay back what you stole. Mississippi is flooded with corruption and I see why: There is no penalty for it. Yet someone with a little bag of marijuana is going to jail and stuck with a misdemeanor or felony. The laws need to change for white collar crime. So aggravating.

Like disco

I like the saggy pants morons. Gives me something to appreciate about being older and wiser. Alas, if disco taught us anything, it’s that if you really want to stop a trend, just get a whole bunch of old people to drop their pants and join in.


Passed through the Gulfport SportsPlex today and noticed the beautiful architecture at the new construction. The eye-catching oak beams on what appears to be the concession stand is gorgeous. Only one problem: I don’t know of anyone that looks up while eating. What a blatant waste of government money that should have been used to make other much needed improvements such as drainage on some of the baseball fields.

Paid for by growth

Reconciliation of the tax reform bill requires that the deficit does not increase. This means that any tax cut must be paid for. Under this rule, the government will receive the same revenue as before. While many will see a reduction in their income tax, others will have to pay for that reduction. Reducing the corporate rate from 39 percent to 20 percent will be paid for largely by elimination of the state and local tax deduction (claimed predominantly by the rich). Bottom line is all the moaning and groaning about the proposed tax reform bill will be more than “paid for” by the U.S. economy growing into the 3-5 percent annual GDP range.

Hood Robin

The Trump/Republican Tax Scam should named Hood Robin since the plan robs the poor to give to the rich.

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