Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 13: The reason the D’Iberville roundabout is taking so long

Thanks, Santa!

We went to Christmas City Saturday at the Coliseum and would like to thank Santa and his helpers at the picture booth. I have never seen so much patience and such a great attitude. You made a 2-year-old’s Christmas.

Clean it up

Southern Miss is a very undisciplined team. They have way too many penalties

Me, too

Thanks for the well-written Sound Off about how to respectfully address adults. I feel just as you do about it.

OK by me

To “Not your honey” . . . Life is short embrace it. I for one enjoy being called honey or sweetie by anyone young or old. Have a great day “sweetie.”

Sir or mam

I️ completely agree with the writer. It galls me to be called sweetie, honey, darling or other terms of endearment. Sir and mam are sufficient.

Move over

You are a road bully. You get some kind of thrill out of slowing everyone down to your speed. People like you cause accidents with your indignation. Everyone has bad days and one of these days you might anger the wrong person. It is a prime cause of road rage. You might have all day but others don’t.

I got it

I think I have finally figured out why it is taking so long to finish the new round-about in D’Iberville. They are trying to come up with something to outdo the “Diverging Diamond” design crossing I-10 onto D’Iberville Boulevard from Old 67. Maybe they could make us back around the round about or simply make us go around clockwise rather than counter clockwise.

Accuracy matters

Please be accurate on the census. When my mom did our ancestry that is how she found our relatives going back to the early 1800s. We found out there were more siblings than first thought because of children dying early from diseases. The census has been done for centuries. Why not give them the information they ask for?

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