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Sound Off for Nov. 11: Protests are not about the state flag or the anthem

The state flag of Mississippi includes the controversial Confederate battle flag in the left corner.
The state flag of Mississippi includes the controversial Confederate battle flag in the left corner. AP File

Live bold!

Some people have an adventurous spirit.

I’m looking

Where’s my chocolate cake doughnut?

It is us

The horrible, senseless, cold-blooded murder of a Texas church congregation once again raises questions and points blame. We have become a society so accepting of violence in our daily lives that it is no wonder evil strikes the innocent. The real problem is us and the answer is within us all.

Ring the bell

How hard is it to touch a doorbell and leave a package. Just to let us know a package was there. He didn’t have to wait for one of us to get to the door. UPS did it again, and thank goodness my neighbor saw him. You see; he had to know it was perishable because of the packaging. Thank goodness for a good neighbor, plus both of us being home.

No law . . .

You are right, there is no law. It is a long-cherished tradition, to many, a show of respect for the millions who served and/or gave their lives for this country. There is also no law that requires those that are infuriated by this action to support your endeavor financially or otherwise. If you have a business where some of your employees infuriate some of your customers, it is safe to say your business will take a hit.

What its about

Take a walk in my shoes. Growing up in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s when having the “wrong” skin color denied me basic human rights that many of you my age enjoyed because you had the “right”skin color. A lot of you or your parents or grandparents with the “right skin color “ didn’t speak up then. In spite of that injustice my father and uncle and I served proudly in the military. These protests are not about the flag or the anthem, people.

Fix this

Gulfport, we have a problem. During afternoon rush hour, the two northbound lights at Creosote and at Middle Drive (near Walmart) used to be synchronized, when the light changed to allow Middle Drive traffic access across U.S. 49 to turn southbound, the traffic on 49 had already moved on up 49. Now the Creosote light keeps traffic stacked at Middle when the light changes, and northbound traffic constantly blocks the intersection. We have to sit for at least two cycles of the long light. Either re-synchronize the two lights, or please begin issuing tickets for constant blockers of the intersection.

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