Sound Off

Sound Off for November 7: Don’t want trick-or-treaters? Turn your light off.

Candy corn is a popular treat for Halloween in the South.
Candy corn is a popular treat for Halloween in the South. TNS

New skills

Traditional jobs have become unreliable. People need to find other ways to make money.

Things to come

The moral police are out there and thought police are coming.

Can we vote?

Have we ever thought about having Standard Time put to a vote? Most people and polls that I see favor Daylight Saving Time year-round.

NFL Anonymous

My name is [redacted] and I have been NFL free for 6 weeks. The players cured me.


How sad. You must have never enjoyed the fun of trick or treating on Halloween. Begging? Please. They all ask in a sweet voice by saying “trick or treat,” and they always say Thank You!

The problem

It’s not rocket science, folks. If you sell assault weapons in this country, these kinds of things will continue to happen. I’ve never understood how the government allows people to buy these in this country.


Our prayers and thoughts go out to all residents of Sutherland, Texas, in this sad time, especially the church reverend and his family. Special prayers will be said tonight.

Speak up

NFL kneeling takes no courage. I would love to hear from these NFL players verbally about their convictions of kneeling during the honoring of our flag. They would be given that opportunity to do so at a press conference any time, any place of their choosing.

Real problems

I am a Vietnam veteran. I have no problem with the players protesting by kneeling. It seems that we are more focused on them than the problems we are faced with in this country. Drugs, murder, racial discrimination etc. We need to stop judging them and put forth an effort to find a solution to the major problems.

Porch light off

Dearest party pooper, since you have gotten old and decrepit and no longer remember what it’s like to enjoy being a child I’m going to make a suggestion. Leave the porch light off and you won’t be bothered. Mine burned out and I didn’t get a chance to replace it before Halloween night. Guess who’s got $15 worth of candy on her hands? Not one single soul showed up on my property. I missed those adorable kids. Next year the light will be on, kids.

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