Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 5: Do away with door-to-door trick-or-treating

Keep Halloween safe and fun for your trick-or-treaters with these tips.
Keep Halloween safe and fun for your trick-or-treaters with these tips. TNS

Not that much

There is a special term for the tax cut the Republicans are offering ordinary Americans: chump change.

Give it time

Very light sentence for such a serious crime of desertion before the enemy and placing at risk his fellow soldiers. It is very likely that within five years Bergdahl's dishonorable discharge will be upgraded to other than honorable and then later to honorable. Although demoted to private, was he stripped of his medals and awards?

Where are the jobs?

I am college educated with over 15 years of experience in my field. I have solid experience and an impeccable resume with excellent references. Not one employer has responded to my recent inquiries about positions for which they are advertising.

Not military justice

Army Sergeant Bergdahl's sentence of dishonorable discharge is a travesty and gross miscarriage of military justice. Military justice is about good order and military discipline. He left an assigned post in time of war. He is a deserter in the face of the enemy. The loss of life spent in trying to recover him and diversion from other matters demands more than what one would get for much lesser offenses.


While scrolling through the program guide on TV, I was asked three times if I poop enough. Really? Is nothing off-limits anymore? If I had a problem, I’d discuss it with my doctor and not listen to some pitchman on TV.

Communism cycle

A century ago this week, communism took over the Russian empire. Leftists and socialists had been active in Europe for a long time but this was usurpation of a large state. As communism celebrates 100 years, 65 million dead souls cry out for justice. Communism doesn't wait for your enlightenment but instead forces compliance at gunpoint. It is a failed system that periodically enjoys rejuvenation in the plastic, uneducated minds of the idealistic youth who have not suffered under its yoke.


In regards to Sound Off “Hooray!” from Thursday, Nov 3, the reader is obviously a Dodger fan or a baseball widow!

Ban it

I am for doing away with children going door to door trick or treating. One, it reinforces begging behavior and the second thing I have to police lawn and sidewalk for candy wrappers, water bottles, etc. The next day and third day there are enough Halloween events going on all over town that there should be no home trick or treating.

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