Sound Off

Sound Off for November 4: Trump needs to give up investigating the Clintons

An appeal seeking documents related to Whitewater is due in court Friday.
An appeal seeking documents related to Whitewater is due in court Friday. AP

Who to write to

You need to write the corporate offices with requests about motorized wheelchairs. Managers and employees have no say in this. Please write the corporate offices of those stores you wish to shop.

Not treason

To “Beyond disrespect”: No, it is not treason not to stand for the national anthem. It, however, may be considered treason to ignore the rights that so many have fought for.

Please explain

Trump won. How many times have the Clintons been investigated over the years? How many indictments have those investigations produced? Zero. Why is this president so determined to continue to deflect investigations onto someone who is no longer relevant?

Truth will out

Bottom line, Gulfport Police responded to the recent event involving a possible burglary correctly. As for the solicited opinion of a self-declared ethics professional, he had no idea what he was opining on. The entire episode was over in 11 minutes. The video of what actually happened is available and one can second-guess all day long on the way it “should have been handled.” Great job, Gulfport PD. Truth trumps fabrications every time.

Busybody much?

To “About Time”: You stated your irritation with a lady sitting near you in the Memorial Hospital Gulfport Emergency Room with her child who had a runny nose. You said she could have bought over-the-counter medication. Are you a doctor? Do you know the child did not have other symptoms? Do you even know the child was the patient and not the mother? Do you even know the lady was the child’s mother? Were people sitting there wondering what was wrong with you or your husband? Do you always eavesdrop on private conversation when visiting the ER? Busybodies need help, too.

What to do?

A while back I was bitten by a brown recluse spider (I saw it) and attempted to go to the walk-in clinic but it had just closed at 5 p.m., and I could see the red line going up my arm at an alarmingly fast rate. I wound up going to the Memorial ER for antibiotics, and I’m sure I come to mind when the hospital listed when to go to the walk-in vs. the ER. The article indicated some walk-ins stay open after 5 p.m. My question is how can I find the ones that are still open, short of wasting what I considered precious time scrolling through my phone? I was terrified. I understand Memorial’s stance on this, and I agree it has legitimacy, but at the time I felt I chose the best option at that moment that I could. Believe me, I was as aggravated having to go there as they were aggravated that I showed up.

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