Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 3: Where is the museum for the Brown Condor John C. Robinson?

The Brown Condor, John C. Robinson.


The best thing about baseball: It’s over!

Updated technique

The placement of Facebook and Twitter ads during the most recent presidential campaign is the modern version of dropping fliers from airplanes over enemy territory during wartime.

Status report?

What’s the status of efforts to open a museum to honor John C. Robinson, known as the Brown Condor? The American people owe him a debt of gratitude for his efforts that most don’t even know helped this great nation win World War II. He is an unsung American hero that every citizen in Gulfport and the entire nation should be proud of. His place in our own history deserves to be preserved.

Please explain

Why are taxpayers paying for the Harrison County utility authority to advertise on a billboard on U.S. 49? It’s not like they have competitors. Ditto for the Harrison County school district, which advertises on a nearby billboard.


Several days ago, I had a phone call, automated woman’s voice saying something about tax evasion and hurriedly gave a phone number twice, too fast to grab something to write it on. So, I bit and called the number she called from. A foreigner answered and gave me some tax evasion garbage and a warrant for my arrest. After listening to this spiel, I told him to just hold it and send someone over to arrest me. Nothing has happened as yet.

Candy problem

I have just finished going through my daughter’s Halloween candy. I and many other families have children who cannot have food dye. It is very disheartening to find so many candies with dye in them. I truly wish candy manufacturers would eliminate the dyes altogether. The same problem occurs at children’s parties, in school as well. It is difficult to keep the child safe. Just a thought for those who don’t know about this problem.

Bigger news

The article about the new Mississippi No-Call App should have been on the front page of the paper with a bold large type headline rather than buried on page 7A in this past Friday’s paper.

Editor’s Note: The Sun Herald is planning a follow up story on that topic, and it should be published within the next week.

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