Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 2: ‘Thank you, Memorial Hospital’ for emergency room changes

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport
Memorial Hospital at Gulfport Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

Keep kneeling

Go ahead, NFL and all those who keep kneeling during our national anthem. You are surely showing your true colors.

How to help

We can’t stop killing Monarch butterflies with our cars, but we can plant milkweed to help all the others. Find a neighbor who has it and most likely they will give you a plant.

About time

It tickles me to death that Memorial Hospital is making changes in their emergency room. Several years ago I was at the ER with my husband who was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s. I could hear in the area next to us a mother with her child who had a stuffy nose. It irritated me that she hadn’t done what I would have done if my husband had had a stuffy nose — gone to the drug store and bought an over-the-counter (probably a store brand) decongestant. Thank you, Memorial Hospital!

Tough times

It’s not an easy time Living in America. Health insurance and health issues are out of control. Jobs are hard to come by. Employers can fire you for combing your hair the wrong way. We don’t take care of our elderly. Times are not easy.

Consider this

With holiday shopping getting ready to kick into high gear, I am asking for Hobby Lobby and other bigger stores to please offer motorized scooters for disabled people. We would love to spend our money in your store and would also like to be able to shop independently without having to depend on someone to push the wheelchair that is offered. Thank you!


Thanks to all of the Saints fans who continue to boycott the team. As a result of your absence the team is playing like a Superbowl contender again. I guess we really don’t need fans who think the first amendment only applies to people who have the same views and opinions as them.

Beyond disrespect

Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Disrespecting our national anthem is close to treason. I’m offended, but I don’t block traffic, burn the town nor shoot at police. I turn my back and go on to something constructive.

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