Sound Off

Sound off for Oct. 27: Love Publix. Love wine! Hate driving to Mobile.

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Please explain

Love Publix. Love wine! Hate driving to Mobile. Hate going to liquor stores. Cannot for the life of me understand grocery stores selling every beer brand in the world, but no wine?

Great letter

Mr. Clark’s letter was the best letter on the current protest I have read. Great insight.

Change schedule

Why in the world does the train into or out of the port have to run across U.S. 90 between 5 and 5:30 p.m. every day? This causes a traffic jam at east and west on U.S. 90 regularly. Sometimes they even just stop. Could they do this earlier or later?

IQ vs. smart

He may be very intelligent, probably is. But not very smart from a political point of view.


Has speed limit changed to 55? Seems like it especially on stretches where there are no traffic lights like west Gulfport.

Lights, please!

For the past two weeks I have noticed many drivers on Pass Road (West Biloxi) without their lights on during the darkest times of the day. What are these people thinking? They are putting themselves and everyone around them in jeopardy. I hope it can be patrolled a little closer; someone is going to get hurt.

Not so fast. . .

Yes, the cashier did the right thing by giving the young woman back the extra $20 she accidentally gave her. But to call her a “hero” is overdoing it a bit. We should all do the right thing with no thought other than it’s the right thing to do. Save the term “hero” for those that go above and beyond. There are plenty of them out there.

Get on board

The president said he is going to drain the swamp and he’s doing just that. The Tennessee and Arizona senators are finding out what happens when you go against our great leader. The establishment must go and Mississippi senators are next if they don’t do what they are told.


To the person wanting an explanation regarding the lights at Hiller Park being on until 10 p.m., allow me to enlighten you. Hiller Park has dedicated basketball players, passionate gym rats out on the courts every night striving for greatness. If anything, we need more courts, resurfaced concrete, benches, frequent net replacements and even more lights. In conclusion, ball is life.

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