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Sound Off for Oct. 25: Publix is the best

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Plant swap idea

To the person looking for plant swaps, join MS Gulf Coast Plant and Cutting Exchange on Facebook. They have swap meets periodically and lots of good info on their site.

Unnecessary traffic jam

For God’s sake, since it’s taking you years to finish a six-block stretch of roadway, please give us the left turn arrow back at westbound 28th Street onto 30th Avenue southbound across from Mississippi Power. Don’t know why you took it from us in the first place.

Publix knowledge

I agree with the Sound Off reader voicing concerns about national grocery stores avoiding Mississippi due to restrictions on wine sales. While not a buyer of wine or spirits, it’s not rocket science to project overall drop in grocery prices with the introduction of fresh competitors such as Publix. Oh, and did I mention Publix has the best in-store deli on the planet? Love me some Publix Ultimate Subs.


Yes, there were legions of Saints kneeler-supporters at the Dome on Sunday, as there will always be Romans at the Circus.

Ruffled feathers

Hey, Ocean Springs, where’s my rooster at your welcome center?

People are the losers

Two egotistical leaders who both want war to build up their images. Losers are people of North Korea and the United States.

Get a refund?

I think it was just a few months ago that the new LED lights were installed on the Popp’s Ferry bridge. All of them are out on the north side of the bridge. Don’t we have a warranty on the new lights?

Moral dilemma

People’s morals are out of whack.

ABC vs. free market

Regarding a story in the Sun Herald a few days back, why is the Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control even in the business of warehousing liquor, beer and wine? Also they don’t need to be telling us what brands we can and cannot have. Let the distributors and free market take care of it. Award establishment license permits, collect the taxes and get out of the way. You can save the state a lot of money better spent elsewhere.

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