Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 23: Where are the local plant swaps? File

Touching story

Thanks to Toni Miles for her touching story about her sister’s battle with cancer. May God continue to bless her and her family.

Like prey

And Chris McDaniel, there he sits like a bird of prey ready to swoop himself into a powerful Senate seat that is not yet vacant.

Plant swaps?

I have never noticed any local plant swaps. Have I just been missing them? If there aren’t any, perhaps a library, a church or other organization can have one.

More the merrier

Thanks for adding EXTRA EXTRA to your e-edition. I look forward to reading the in-depth articles every day. Morning coffee is more enjoyable with something extra to read.

More options

The nice grocery stores won’t come to Mississippi because they can’t sell wine. Would love more options.

Accuracy needed

Business owners: If you have an upcoming event and it’s posted all over the internet, take some time to read those posts and make sure they are correct. Do the times match up? Are the locations and details correct? Does anything conflict or is anything left out? Have someone else read it too. It’s very aggravating for a customer to go to an event and find out the details on the internet were wrong.

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Keep right

Yesterday afternoon about 5:30 p.m., I drove from Bay St. Louis to Pass Christian behind two ladies in a new car. They were driving about 15 miles per hour in the left lane. Really caused a jam as cars tried to get around them. When I was finally able to get around them, they laughed. What idiots!

Get ‘er done

Please get ‘er done — the Biloxi Loop pier has very minor damage. One or two days work at most. This is the only direct pedestrian access to safely travel on this part of U.S. 90. Please stop waiting for somebody else to pay for it.

Shut up and play

Thank you Sun Herald for bringing to light both sides of the NFL national anthem controversy and protests. In your endeavor to clear the air you confused me and most likely many more Americans. NFL players have no more “rights” than me. Shut up and play. Protest on your own dime. Collectively they have ruined a once-enjoyed American institution.

All talk

Nothing but talk about the NFL losing followers. Last Saints game was played to a full house and it was a great game. Bet the next one is too!

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