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Sound Off for October 21: Sophia Myers makes heaven a brighter place

Oak Park Elementary first-grade teacher Heather Sumrall and Sophia Myers had a special relationship.
Oak Park Elementary first-grade teacher Heather Sumrall and Sophia Myers had a special relationship.

Just the facts

To quote Will Rogers: “I don’t make jokes, I just watch the government and report the facts.”

RIP, Sophia!

Rest in peace, precious Sophia Meyers. Her parents’ willingness to share her story let her belong to all of us for a while. Heaven is surely a brighter place this morning.

Big deal

I hate to break it to you, but Cruisin’ The Coast was indeed a major event. And they sure didn’t seem to mind about our flag.

Different drum

The rest of the nation discusses health care, taxes, jobs, North Korea, inner-city problems, immigration and more. Here in Mississippi we talk about the state flag, monuments and a school book. What’s wrong with this picture?

UTI symptoms

Please don’t mistake Thad Cochran’s illness as old age. He has the typical symptoms of a urinary tract infection. This will cause the confusion he is experiencing. I hope he is getting the right treatment by a good doctor.

Great job

A big thank you to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department for the excellent management of traffic at the Infinity Science Center, the Infinity security and employees helping the many people busing to Stennis for the rocket test, and all the Stennis employees that put on a fantastic event for all that attended.

The NFL facts

To those who burned their season tickets, the NFL got your money when you purchased them. There are plenty of people on lists to purchase season tickets, so no loss there. Perhaps you meant it as a symbolic gesture as a form of protest like the kneeling players are doing? And “Fess up” is correct, Trump is responsible for this overblown mess.

Poor product

After two weeks of not picking up recycling items in the Lyman area, it was finally picked up this past Tuesday. When I went to the curb to retrieve the recycling bin, I found it turned over on my driveway with one of the wheels off. I put the wheel back on the axle, but it continues to slip off. This product is so poorly constructed, the residents of Harrison County will become so disgusted that they will stop recycling.

It’s a vet thing

President Trump had no influence on me burning tickets and turning off NFL games. The actions of the NFL players did that all by themselves. Both in stadiums and on TV the NFL players have a captive audience and no patriotic American should be forced to experience such disrespect for our national anthem and our flag. As a veteran I have strong feelings. If you don’t, you probably didn’t serve — especially in combat.

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